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SCALIGER PLANK - Tavolato Scaligero - it’s the natural three layer floor which can be customizable and it’s realized both with new timber and/or old timber, worked by skillful and creative hands.

The only parquet that can be laid in any room, even in the bathroom, by performing a glued or a floating installation: a very simple and fast process thanks to its special type of joints.

It’s supplied raw or treated in a wide variety of colors chosen by the Customer.





3 layered maxi floor boards of big dimensions  
✓ Maximum Stability
✓ I
t can be polished again through the years
✓ Ideal for under floor heating
✓ Quality materials and natural effect finishing
✓ Handmade working of every single board in our Company
✓ Glue withuot pentachlorophenol and formaldehyde


The parquet Tavolato Scaligero, with its different board dimensions, gives a visual effect to your rooms by “amplifying” them: this is testimony of craftsmanship and uniqueness, which cannot be obtained with an industrial floor.

It can be customizable with the following processings, based on Customer’s requests:
BRUSHED, light, medium or strong


Floors manufactured with new wood are CE certified.

Floors manufactured with old wood have CE certified manufacturing. 

A customized parquet creates a special atmosphere in your home … and it’s totally Made in Italy.



Choose the parquet suitabile for your exigences: 

1 - New wood parquet

Tavolato Scaligero it’s not only a floor: it’s a way to play with your personality, a way to express yourself … by customizing at your choice with  wood derived from new plant.


legni nuovi
2 - Parquet in Briccola of Venice

A floor of amazing beauty.

The wood is recovered by historians stakes of Venice lagoon, one of the most beautiful places in the world, that come back to new life in your home

stunningly beautiful wood flooring.

3 -  Weathered wood parquet

The beauty of aged wood for the outdoor.

Available in steamed wood.

4 - Reclaimed wood Patina parquet

Wood reclaimed from tables of old huts and mountain barns turned into unique floors with colors naturally created by the sun and the weather.

5 - Parquet design- quadrotta

Floors originally used to enrich the halls of luxurious mansions, still used for “important” residences or for the people that appreciate the sophisticated elegance of yesteryear.

6 - Herringbone parquet

To give a touch of chic and rétro to your home.

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