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Working reclaimed patina wood requires passion, dedication and great commitment in the research of the best result, quality that Tecnopannelli has deeply developed from 1974.
The patina wood, disassembled and recovered from old barns and farms, suffered various processes like sun and weather oxidation, so it had an alteration of extraordinary colors.

Tecnopannelli transforms these boards into beautiful wood floors, as  to create a particular contrast with modern furnishings and in the meantime to create more flavor to rustic environments.



✓ 3 layered maxi floor boards of big dimensions (up to 3mt)

✓ Maximum stability

✓ It can be polished again throught the years

✓ Ideal for under floor heating

✓ Customizable with the required color

✓ Glue without pentachlorophenol and formaldehyde 

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