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Wooden floor with historic, artistic and prestige flavor.

A retro touch to awaken the style of yesteryear,  with a classic material that combine in perfect harmony tradition and elegance.

Used in the past to adorn the halls of luxurious mansions, still used for “important” residences or for the people that appreciate the sophisticated elegance of the past.

The cutting edge technology combined with craftsmanship permit the realisation of customized quadrotte at your draw and color in antique reclaimed and new wood.

A parquet always original, historic and for this reason of huge success.



✓ 3 layered parquet in your design, at your measure

✓ Maximum stability

✓ It can be polished again throught the years

✓ Ideal for under floor heating

✓ Customizable with hand brushing 

✓ Customizable with the required color

✓ Stabilizing glue

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