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parquet rovere di laguna

Pavimenti in legno

   PRODOTTO ITALIANO        Made in Italy

pavimenti e pannelli

realizzato interamente presso la ns. fabbrica


Scaliger plank

Scaliger plank it's the natural floor at three layer plank which can be customizable and it's realized bothwith new wood and/or old wood, worked by skilful and creative hands.

The only parquet that can be laid in any room, even in the bathroom, by performing a glued or a floating installation made very simple and fast thanks to its special type of joints.


The parquet Scaliger plank, with its different board dimensions, gives a visual effect to your rooms by "amplifyng" them: this is testimony of craftsmanship and uniqueness, wich cannot be obtained with an industrial floor.

Our floors are CE certified and tested by CATAS.


100% ITALIAN PRODUCT, made entirely in our factory.

parquet il legno di recupero

A customized parquet creates a special atmosphere in your home … and it’s totally Made in Italy.

Choose the parquet suitabile for your exigences: 

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