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vecchia baita di montagna, legno di recupero

   Wood panels 

   ITALIAN PRODUCT        Made in Italy

     wood floorings and panels

made entirely 
in our factory


Nature enters the house

Tecnopannelli produces customized panels for the realization of interior furnishings such as walls, table tops, peninsula tops, bathroom tops, sideboards, doors, with reclaimed furniture that makes them special and differences them from other products.

Worked piece by piece by craftsmen handamade.






Woods of special atmosphere, full of secrets and details where craftsmanship is a quality, that furnishes the most beautiful houses creating and a highly personal aesthetic, with the possibility of choice.

pareti e ante in legno vecchio Tecnopannelli

                           Chromatic nature

Patina panels mountain

Working reclaimed patina wood requires passion, dedication and a great effort in finding the best result: skill that Tecnopannelli has been wisely performing since 1974. Patina wood is first removed and reclaimed from old barns, old stables and farmhouses, where it has suffered natural processes such as sun and bad weather oxidation. These natural phenomena have given a stunning colour alteration to the wood. Tecnopannelli then starts working this precious wood and turns it into beautiful panels, original doors or prestigious walls in order to create a special contrast with modern furnishings as well as to improve country environments whose beauty is maintained and respected by using natural finishes such as wax, red wine, white lime chalk or coloured clays depending on the shadow it is necessary to achieve. Fillings, dowel processing, hole blackening through nails, wide knots, grains of different shadows as well as deep brushing are the most remarkable features characterizing this product and proving its authenticity. Wood hardness is also another important feature: through the action of time wood is made more compact and stronger. 

Panels in others reclaimed wood
Reclaimed wood makes your home unique

and special, giving a touch of personality in any


LAGOON OAK explanation

MATERIC OAK WOOD explanation 

OLD OAK reclaimed from secular beams wood

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