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Born in 1974 in a country not far from Verona, Company TECNOPANNELLI, thanks to its experience in the wood industry has become a respected manufacturer of handmade wood floors.

Thanks to its remarkable experience in working timber the Company has always followed and applied the teaching of the tradition by showing a great passion made by science and nature in perfect balance.

Innovation and research constantly proceed in the creation of unique wooden products Made in Italy, able to translate thoughts into concrete objects, thanks to the artisan crafts and to the strict choice of high quality materials.

A wide range of layered floors, massive floors, tiles, antique flooring, old or new, is able to offer sophisticated panels and floors with particular and innovative design, customizable according to Customers’ requests.

In order to ensure the protection of the environment, Tecnopanelli, manufactures its products by using timber only coming from forests where the cut is controlled and certified .


Any room of your home can be enriched by the fascinating woods that Tecnopannelli offers; your guests will be impressed and your home will be a pleasant place for your happy moments.



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