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splendida immagine della laguna




The scent of history gives emotions and uniqueness

Our goal is to continue the life of this wood in your home in the form of unique panels and floors. Surfaces imbued with history, magic atmosphere, sunrises and sunsets of which the wood is "impregnated" over the years into one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Thanks to our experience and the craftsmanship the oak is carefully cleaned, stripped of nails, cut and dried as much as possible while preserving the uniqueness of each piece in line with our corporate philosophy focused on research of recovered materials to protect the environment.




✓ 3 layered maxi floor boards of big dimensions (up to 3 mt)

✓ Maximum stability

✓ It can be polished again through the years

✓ Ideal for under floor heating

✓ Customizable with brushing (light, medium or strong), hand-planing, saw-toothing

✓ Customizable with the required color

✓ Glue without pentachlorophenol and formaldehyde

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